5 Pair Floor Mop Slippers




 These Dust Mop Slippers are made of Microfiber Chenille, an engineered material ideal for cleaning up dust, dirt, and pet hair around the house—as static electricity charges the fibres. Easily dry and clean up spills or wash off scuffs and footprints with this highly absorbent material. The elastic bands comfortably and securely fit over both shoes and bare feet. Just try them on with your favourite music, for a fun, whimsical solution to an otherwise mundane chore!
  • Get three or five pairs of the mop slippers.
  • Material: microfiber chenille
  • Polybag packaging
  • One size fits all
  • Picks up dirt, dust and pet hair
  • Hand wash or machine wash
  • A great time saver.Powerful absorbent & Easily clean.
  • Wearing this mop shoe cover, just sweep and clean the floor while you and your guests walk.
Note:  You may receive one colour twice.

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Unit Quantity:

3 Pairs, 5 Pairs


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